Hi-Ho Hi-Ho off to the Everglades I Go

Hey There,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you were able to spend it with those who matter most. I certainly was fortunate enough to have a relaxing day at home. One of my gifts was a gift card to the grocery store and I was super excited, and then I realized I had officially entered adulthood.

Anyways now that Christmas is over, I get only a second to breath because at 5:15 am tomorrow I am catching a plane from Kansas City, MO to Fort Lauderdale, FL. From there, I will depart on a 12 day canoeing trip through the Everglades….and no I am not really an outdoorsy gal. I like my amenities and social media. I am also not going to be able to shower or shave for this time…so it’s going to be pretty gross.  This trip is definitely going to be an adventure and a life changing experience because I am going to have to learn to work through difficult tasks with a team who may not always agree and I am going to be forced to confront my own weakness and concerns. While this trip will not be easy, there will be good times and it will certainly build last relationships.

Some of you may be wondering how I even got involved with such a thing. Well, the actual canoeing trip is called Outward Bound which is based out of North Carolina, but I am part of the Pryor Program at my college. The program has a very competitive interview process, followed by a series of courses focused on developing leadership skills, and then the Outward Bound trip. I am typically one who does well in school, but when it comes to groups I am not one to be a voice so after some personal discovery and nomination by teachers I applied to the program. I was lucky enough to be chosen. I have already made leaps and bounds of progress through just the class, and I am sure that I will make even more progress on this trip.

I think some of my biggest fears for this trip are my luggage not getting to Fort Lauderdale and not having a crew that meshes well. We will not get our crews until we arrive in Ft. Lauderdale so there is still plenty of time for me to stress, but once I do find out it is just time to make the best of the situation and help everyone have the best experience they can possibly have.

So starting tomorrow I will be forced to change my typical life style and become vulnerable to work with others in my group. I will be taking lots of pictures and journaling all of my experiences so don’t worry I will have a full report of the experience when I get back January 8th.

Wish me luck and have a Happy New Year,




e.l.f. in the Spirit of Christmas

Hey there!

I hope you are having a wonderful day and are channeling your inner child in honor of the Christmas season!

I, like any other girl, can rarely walk into Target and leave with only the things she originally planned on getting. I can wander around Target for hours and find things that I think I absolutely “need”. Anyways, I purchase most of my make-up from drug stores or target because until recently I have not been one to wear make-up faithfully enough to warrant dropping lots of money. As I was wondering up and down the make-up aisles I noticed e.l.f. had lots of different products and brushes. I decided to grab their light blush palate and their blush brush to try out. There are four different shades of blush in this particular palate.
IMG_6935One, is a more brown or tan for initial definition there are three more varying pink shades.
IMG_6937I have not really found myself using the top left shade (the lightest pink) yet, but that could change when it is spring time again. For my my make up routine I start with the tan, then I layer the bottom left, followed by the bottom right and then I blend it out. Doing this I have found it gives me the best color and the definition I am looking for.

The coverage lasts for a long time and I am one who tends to touch my face a lot and I have not had to reapply it through out the day! For 6 bucks I   suggest that you definitely try this product out or it would make a perfect stocking stuffer for someone!


Sunday Sit-down

Hey There!

It’s the Sunday before Christmas, and when I walked out my door this morning I questioned whether it was Spring or Winter because it’s 54 degrees out! I mean, I shouldn’t be complaining too much except, the lack of cold weather had made it hard for me to get in the Christmas spirit. (singing Let it Snow is not the same when you know there is no chance.)

Anyways, today I am going to talk about my Sunday routine! I have been told that I am a very organized person and I pride myself on it, I am also a very busy person (this girl works to build that resume b/c I would like a job after college…shocker, I know). So if you are like me and like to stay organized here is what I do and maybe it can help you, or if you are wanting to get organized this coming year, keep reading!

This past August I researched quite a few different planners because I wanted the one that was going to be the most practical for my life style. I ended up taking the plunge and getting an Erin Condren Planner with a vertical layout.



For the top two boxes, I write my homework, any papers due, or any exams coming up. I usually fill these boxes in daily.  For the bottom box I look at the monthly overview and copy any meetings, sorority obligations, or work onto the appropriate day with the time. For the side column, that looks to be a list, I put my To-Dos there. The to-do list is for things that need to get accomplished that week that is not homework. In the box that is labeled thoughtful, I find a quote on Pinterest and put it there. That way when it’s there to remind me every time I reference my planner. I will also find a bible verse and write it alone the top. My planner is full of colors, Washi tape, and sticky notes. I am also an avid fan of highlighters because it gives me so much satisfaction when I am able to cross something off my list.IMG_3692

So, that is what I do every Sunday night before I go to bed so I know how I need to manage my time for the week. I also suggest that you find a planner that works best for you. For instance, maybe a horizontal layout will work better or an hourly, but trial and error is how I figured out the best way for me!

Have a great day,


About ME

IMG_6379Why hello! My name is Audrey and I am junior in college who is trying to figure out life, and get that degree. I am a nursing major who wants to go into the marketing/advertising business. I love my family, friends, and deep conversations…oh and puppies, I really like puppies.

You can usually find me with an iced nonfat vanilla latte in hand. I am an avid fan of lipstick, shoes, social media and saying “yes” to new adventures.

I am look forward to inspiring others and talking about things I love. Join me in my journey and maybe we can learn some things together.


Hey there, so this is my first official post on this blog. Blogging is a whole new adventure for me. I don’t know how long I have wanted to start one, and the amount of blogs I have read about starting a blog, but here I am finally taking the plunge. I just want to apologize in advance for any mistakes because I am learning still!

I have a passion for fitness, fashion, and saying “yes” to adventures. I am a strong advocate of living life. I am excited to bring together a community who enjoys the same things as I do! Please check back for weekly structures post, daily adventures, and inspiration.

Thanks lots,