Sunday Sit-down

Hey There!

It’s the Sunday before Christmas, and when I walked out my door this morning I questioned whether it was Spring or Winter because it’s 54 degrees out! I mean, I shouldn’t be complaining too much except, the lack of cold weather had made it hard for me to get in the Christmas spirit. (singing Let it Snow is not the same when you know there is no chance.)

Anyways, today I am going to talk about my Sunday routine! I have been told that I am a very organized person and I pride myself on it, I am also a very busy person (this girl works to build that resume b/c I would like a job after college…shocker, I know). So if you are like me and like to stay organized here is what I do and maybe it can help you, or if you are wanting to get organized this coming year, keep reading!

This past August I researched quite a few different planners because I wanted the one that was going to be the most practical for my life style. I ended up taking the plunge and getting an Erin Condren Planner with a vertical layout.



For the top two boxes, I write my homework, any papers due, or any exams coming up. I usually fill these boxes in daily.  For the bottom box I look at the monthly overview and copy any meetings, sorority obligations, or work onto the appropriate day with the time. For the side column, that looks to be a list, I put my To-Dos there. The to-do list is for things that need to get accomplished that week that is not homework. In the box that is labeled thoughtful, I find a quote on Pinterest and put it there. That way when it’s there to remind me every time I reference my planner. I will also find a bible verse and write it alone the top. My planner is full of colors, Washi tape, and sticky notes. I am also an avid fan of highlighters because it gives me so much satisfaction when I am able to cross something off my list.IMG_3692

So, that is what I do every Sunday night before I go to bed so I know how I need to manage my time for the week. I also suggest that you find a planner that works best for you. For instance, maybe a horizontal layout will work better or an hourly, but trial and error is how I figured out the best way for me!

Have a great day,



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