Recruitment Is My Cardio

Hey There!

I have certainly been MIA for a little while, but it is recruitment season at my college so it has been very hectic. In addition, to recruitment classes have just started up. This semester will be my hardest semester yet, and therefor I am going to have to really know myself and how to balance school, sorority life and sanity.

This past week there have been lots of freshman girls roaming through the sorority complex hoping to find their new home. I was a recruitment counselor this year meaning that I was unaffiliated with my chapter so I could be unbiased and help the girls navigate recruitment. On Saturday morning I got to put my letters back on and welcome 16 new beautiful girls into my chapter. I am excited to see what their vision for Zeta is and I am excited to introduce them to our sisterhood that is weird, crazy, fun and loving. After lots of snacks,  pictures, and the painting activity I had to head leave the new members behind to go up to the PLC and do homework.

Overall, I am glad that I was a recruitment counselor this time around because I have now been on all sides of the recruitment. While I do love work week with my sisters, I definitely liked the low stress environment of being an RC….also the food they gave us made it a pretty suit gig. I don’t know if I will want to do it again next year, but i have a whole year to figure that out.


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