Family Friday

Hey There!

I hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend and had a chance to take time to yourself and recharge from the week. I know I certainly did and I will now be spending my entire day in my school’s library getting all of my assignments and reading done, but I have no regrets because I feel ready to go for this up coming week.

After class on Friday I went and got a smoothie from Smoothie King because $5 Friday, duh. Anyways, after spending time at home I decided that I should just get some coffee and start on homework because all of my roommates had went home for the weekend. I sat down and was about to start homework when my sorority little and her boyfriend came into my room. I absolutely love spending time with both of them because our conversations are always interesting. So after about two hours of conversing about our past conquests they decided to head out for the night. From our conversation I learned that they had just as many adventures their freshman year as I did and we definitely had another bonding moment. So yes, while I should have been doing homework, I am extremely glad that I had time to live life and learn more about people. I am also really excited to see who we get to add to our litte sorority family at the end of this month.

So, after they left instead of working on homework, I went to train legs at the gym at until nearly 11 at night. This was very relaxing and I am glad that I took the night to my self.

So moral of this story is that despite my professors advice of not taking an entire evening to myself, I did and I feel more refreshed and ready to tackle this hectic week. In addition, there are worse ways I could have spent my night (like ways that resulted me waking up dehydrated and hung over). To conclude this rambling session of appreciation, my advice to all of you who have a very busy week is to take time to yourself and spend it with people who will help you grow as a person and learn more about life.


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