20 things you learn when you’re 20

20something can be 20everything

Dear 19-year-old me,

There are some things in life that I wish you knew at the beginning of your 20th year instead of at the end of it. But, there is not a “How to be a 2o Year Old” manual that is given to every woman as soon as she turns 20. That is just not how life works. We have to try different things and go out of our way to figure out what it means to be 20 years old.

Here are 20 things you will learn when you are 20:

1. Binge-watching Netflix takes up the majority of your time.

You will literally only leave your room to get food and go to class, and that counts as your socializing for the day. Then when the series is over, you go into depression for about a week because you are in denial that McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy is gone…

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