Seeking Adventure

Today is August 1st, which means that I will be moving into college in 12 days for the last time. When I was a freshman I didn’t think this time would come fast enough, but now I am not ready for it. I have developed a wonderful support system, made numerous late night QT runs, cried over stupid boys and assignments (mostly assignments…God bless Jewell), but most importantly I have made memories and I am comfortable here. The thought of graduating and being thrown into a new environment is terrifying. I know I will find my way, but there is a small part of me that wonders what will really happen after I graduate.

College has allowed me to have grow tremendously as a person and I am now comfortable with who I am. I have this sense of adventure that keeps nagging me whenever I look at jobs and apartments in the Kansas City area. I do love where I currently live, but it will always be here. I would be perfectly content with getting a job right after college and settling down with the hopes of finding someone to share that adventure with, but I don’t know if I just want to be content.  I have no commitments to anyone right now, and relatively few responsibilities so now is the ideal time to get lost in the streets of Paris, play soccer with the kids of Tonga, eat foods I can’t pronounce, and meet people who see the world in a different way and learn from them.  Some might say that is what college was for, but for me college was a time to learn and find myself so I could be non-judgmental and have something to come back to when I get home.

Right now I don’t know a lot, but I do know somethings…I want to see God’s creations whether that be the views from atop a mountain or having a conversation with someone in a far away country. I also know that everything works out with God and my family behind me.


One Must Care

Hey, it is Wednesday, which means we are half way through the week so it is only downhill from here and we will all make it to Friday!

I don’t know if i have talked about this before, but I am a nursing and business major at a small liberal arts college in Missouri. Monday-Wednesday this semester is definitely a marathon. My mornings start at 5:3o and I hope to be in bed by midnight, but Tuesday mornings are probably my longest…well most strenuous day because I have clinical that day. I am in a hospital putting what I am learning in class to practice on people.

Yesterday was a pretty typical day, but one of my patients I had a very different connection with. This patient was an elderly women who was in the end stages of MS who was mostly non-verbal. She could speak, but it appeared to be a lot of work so instead she preferred to nod or shake her head no. I think because she chose not to be non-verbal treated her as if she did not understand what was going on or that she did not understand. In school they teach us to assume that the person is able to understand and to talk directly to them and to explain what you are doing. I found this to be very frustrating, so I decided to take it upon myself to spend extra time with this patient because she did not have any relative listed and came from a nursing home.

I just sat in the room with her and watched tv with her, I assessed her surroundings and asked several different questions which lead me to close her shade half way because the sun would change positions and get in her face. I also ended up giving her a bath and coming her hair. I have never seen someone so happy to get a bed bath and to have their hair combed.

After getting her all cleaned up and changed, lunch was there and then she napped. I made sure to tell her goodbye when I was leaving. I also told her that I wish her the best and that she is able to go home soon. As I was about to walk away she told me that, “I am a special person and that she was grateful for me”. That moment was something that is hard to describe and I couldn’t have been happier to choose her over getting my clinical documentation done.

Do I know if I want to practice as a nurse or if I want to be someone who works in business, but regardless of whatever I do I want to make sure that I have a positive impact on individuals.

About ME

IMG_6379Why hello! My name is Audrey and I am junior in college who is trying to figure out life, and get that degree. I am a nursing major who wants to go into the marketing/advertising business. I love my family, friends, and deep conversations…oh and puppies, I really like puppies.

You can usually find me with an iced nonfat vanilla latte in hand. I am an avid fan of lipstick, shoes, social media and saying “yes” to new adventures.

I am look forward to inspiring others and talking about things I love. Join me in my journey and maybe we can learn some things together.